May 26, 2008:

7:44 PM Tickets #25,​34 batch updated by dom
fixed: (In [441]) Move to new schema version 10, including some missing …
7:44 PM Changeset [441] by dom
Move to new schema version 10, including some missing indexes and …
4:23 PM Ticket #32 (Refactor database setup to allow for more testing) closed by dom
3:21 PM Ticket #34 (Coordinate database schema update) created by dom
Depends on #23, #25, #32, #33
3:19 PM Ticket #33 (Add 'verified' flag to database) created by dom
Add new datetime column 'verified' to the node table, to represent the …

May 12, 2008:

1:21 AM Changeset [440] by dom
Add more pieces to support schema upgrade testing (including support …

May 11, 2008:

9:39 PM Changeset [439] by dom
really add missing prereq of DBI
9:38 PM Changeset [438] by dom
More setup for upgrade testing
8:24 PM Changeset [437] by dom
Refactor database setup code to support setting up old schema versions …
6:29 PM Changeset [436] by dom
tag release
6:28 PM Changeset [435] by dom
missing test
6:26 PM Changeset [434] by dom
add signing
6:23 PM Changeset [433] by dom
6:11 PM Changeset [432] by dom
update copyright years, version numbers and a spelling error
5:04 PM Changeset [431] by dom
fix much tab/whitespace damage; no functional changes.
5:02 PM Ticket #32 (Refactor database setup to allow for more testing) created by dom
create_sql should be split out into a separate file, and become …
4:52 PM Ticket #31 (Make transactional throughout) created by dom
All the database code in Wiki::Toolkit should be made transactional - …
3:00 PM Ticket #30 (Refactor common portions of command line tools) created by dom
We have now around four utility scripts which have a vast amount of …
2:43 PM Changeset [430] by dom
finally get these scripts installed consistently
2:18 PM Ticket #27 (mysql tests are seeing an error but still pass) closed by dom
fixed: Not entirely expected. This has been fixed in [426]
1:58 PM Changeset [429] by dom
Add missing prereq of DBI (caught by the CPAN testers) and don't use …
11:49 AM Changeset [428] by dom
make wiki-toolkit-delete-node known to the install system
1:51 AM Changeset [427] by dom
Fix test suite's incorrect passing of DBIxFTSMySQL connection parameters
1:50 AM Changeset [426] by dom
ignore tables that aren't Wiki::Toolkit tables

May 10, 2008:

6:10 PM Ticket #28 (t/299_feed_rss_gen_node_dist_feed and ...) closed by dom
fixed: (In [425]) fix uninitialized warnings (fixes #28)
6:10 PM Changeset [425] by dom
fix uninitialized warnings (fixes #28)
5:34 PM Changeset [424] by dom
whitespace-only change to fix some POD bugs and generally make things …

May 1, 2008:

12:21 PM Changeset [423] by nick
Command line delete tool
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