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i hate wikitext

09:24:58 * Dom recommends inspecting[[br]] 09:27:10 <@crschmidt> Dom: the problem is that the metadata table doesn't have a useful index --
09:27:52 <@crschmidt> the most common use cases are "Select all metadata for a node, given an id and a version", and "Select all nodes, given a metadata_type and metadata_value"
09:28:24 <@Dom> crschmidt: isn't that what, say, is doing? 09:28:52 <@crschmidt> No, that creates a single index -- those can't be split up
09:29:07 <@Dom> ah, right.
09:29:51 <@crschmidt> Creating an index on node_id,version would speed up the first case (I Think) and creating an index on metadata_name, metadata_value would speed up the second (I think)

many "I Think, but am not sure" disclaimers throughout.